Jorgensen Farm Wedding | New Albany, OH | Shawn and Eliza

Jorgensen Farm Wedding

Shawn and Eliza

Rain didn’t slow us down at this Jorgensen Farm Wedding located in New Albany, Ohio. Shawn and Eliza embraced the weather conditions when it turned out to be too much to handle. Weddings can be so unpredictable just like the weather in Ohio but these two rolled with the punches. What seemed to be a beautiful day for an outdoor ceremony was quickly rushed inside at the very last minute when it started to pour down rain. Shawn and Eliza had planned on having a family style reception so what made the rain bearable is that they also had a family style ceremony. I loved it!

How they met:

They met through one of Eliza’s close friends who works with Shawn. Their mutual friend was the one who nudged Shawn and Eliza to get together. After a year of friendship, he asked her to accompany him at a Bush concert a day before Valentine’s Day. The rest is history!

Their proposal:

Shawn told Eliza they were going to see a Shakespeare play at Schiller and they were supposed to meet friends first to ride over together. When they arrived Shawn was showing them a slideshow of pictures of his parents recent trip to Italy, at the end of the slideshow he had put in a note it for her to turn around. When she turned around, Shawn was down on one knee with a ring in hand. He also planned a surprise engagement party with all of their close friends afterwards.

What they love about each other:

Some of Eliza’s favorite things about Shawn is his willingness to be adventurous with her, especially things that may not always excite him but he embraces the experiences. She loves that he balances her out in every way that she needs. She tends to be creative, passionate, sensitive, and sometimes messy while he is precise, centered, calculated, and more structured. She also loves his good humor. As if you could deny his humor. The proof is in these photos! Shawn appreciates their love for the same music, how she introduced him to Puerto Rican and Latin food and culture. What makes them work is constantly striving to work together as a team. One word they would use to describe themselves as a couple would be Adventuresome.

Things they love to do:

They are both big music people, we love concerts and festivals. (If you know me and know me well, these two are my kinda people right?) If they are not at a concert, then they are blasting music in the kitchen while she cooks and he quality checks the food . They love the outdoors and being in nature. They love taking care of their plant babies and fur baby Coco. She has re-introduced Shawn to coffee, like GOOD coffee. So any chance they have, they hop over to local coffee shops to try out the latest coffee crazes. Eliza is a huge fan of dalgona coffee. Have you heard of it?

Wedding look/inspo:

For their wedding inspo, they wanted to stay true to what they love. They both wanted an organic rustic feel and knew that Jorgensen Farms was the perfect venue for them. Eliza communicated with her event designer that she wanted deep rich autumn colors with boho vibes. She loved the idea of harvest inspiration with fruits scattered all over the tables in between the lush greenery garlands. I mean come on! These colors are amazing! Prema Designs completely outdid herself! 😍 They were also very particular with their music choices and wanted to highlight her Puerto Rican heritage with salsa and a bit of reggaetón music but showed their mutual love for alternative rock when they had our first dance to Pearl Jam-Future days.

Their Favorite Moments:

“Our wedding day to me was pretty chaotic up until we had our first looks with each other. Once I saw Shawn waiting for me on the other side of the bridge in the field, I was overwhelmed with emotion and I was pulled right back into the “we are getting married today!” moment. When my dad came in to see how I was doing and I had my whole look together I saw in my dads eyes the look a father who has unconditional love for his daughter and I never want to forget that look. Shawn was proud that all his guys came together to make his day so special. They’ve all been close friends for almost 15-20 years. We both loved the moment that we recited our own vows to each other.”

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This photo of Shawn checking his watch is the cutest! I just love his goofy personality!groom keeping time of brides arrival bride and groom in field smiling at jorgensen farm married couple laughing in field at jorgensen farm bride kissing her groom in field groom kissing brides cheek in field at jorgensen farm wedding black and white photo of groom kissing brides ear at jorgensen farm bride looking over her shoulder in field black and white photo of groom with groomsmen at jorgensen farm groom and groomsmen laughing with arms around each other groom in foic with groomsmen in background black and white photo of groomsmen walking at jorgensen farm groomsmen making fun of groom close up of groom boutonniere groom walking down aisle bride walking down aisle inside of jorgensen farm black and white photo of bride walking down aisle father of bride giving away bride wedding officiant praying with couple at ceremony groom reading vows at wedding ceremony at jorgensen farm bride and groom exchanging rings at jorgensen farm wedding close up of ring exchange at wedding ceremony bride and groom share first kiss as husband and wife black and white photo of bride and groom announced as husband and wife bride celebrating ceremony announcement large family photo at jorgensen farm wedding bride and groom with parents at jorgensen farm wedding black and white photo of bride and groom at jorgensen farm wedding bride and groom looking at each other inside jorgensen farm barn black and white photo of wedding party cheering on couple at jorgensen farm wide photo of wedding party with bride and groom inside jorgensen farm black and white photo of wedding party laughing bride with bridesmaids and friends bride with her bridal party at jorgensen farm close up photo of bride and her bridal party at jorgensen farm bride covering face with bouquet at jorgensen farm jorgensen farm wedding with bride and bridesmaids table setting with gold charger candles in water centerpieces floral centerpiece at jorgensen farm wide photo of centerpiece at jorgensen farm wedding in new albany candelabra at jorgensen farm wedding wide photo of head table bride and groom announced into jorgensen farm reception father of bride toast at jorgensen farm wedding best man toast toast by best man at jorgensen farm maid of honor toast bride and groom in doorway of jorgensen farm groom kissing bride on cheek at jorgensen farm wedding venue bride and groom with foreheads together at jorgensen farm wedding bride and groom kissing in doorway of jorgensen farm close up of bride holding bridal bouquet bride looking over shoulder with groom hugging her wedding cake at jorgensen farm wedding groom feeding bride cake at jorgensen farm groom taunting bride with cake in the face at jorgensen farm bride and groom first dance at jorgensen farm black and white photo of first dance bride hugging groom during first dance father daughter dance at jorgensen farm wedding father of bride smiling at bride during dance black and white photo of father daughter dance at jorgensen farm bride line dancing with guests bride and groom dancing during the reception at jorgensen farm wedding

Look at this rain! So pretty!groom twirling bride in backlit rain photo at night at jorgensen farm

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Wedding Date: October 8, 2017

Catering: The Berwick

Florals: Prema Designs

Dress Boutique: Henri’s Cloud Nine

Designer: Adrianna Papell

Tux: Romanoff’s Classic Tuxedo

Music: Cortez Entertainment

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