Columbus, Ohio Farm Engagement | Brooke and Thomas

Columbus Ohio Farm Engagement

Meet Brooke and Thomas

On a gorgeous early fall evening, I had the opportunity to photograph Brooke and Thomas for their engagement photos. The leaves were just starting to turn colors, creating a lovely setting for this Columbus, Ohio Farm Engagement. Cows were roaming the grass fields and there was a quaint, old horse barn, adding to the picturesque backdrop.

We started out taking photos in the cow pasture. The cows quickly became curious about what we were up to, drawn by the sound of our laughter. They started to slowly come towards us until one got just a little too close for our liking. At least for mine and Brooke’s. Thomas wasn’t phased one bit. After a while, it got to the point where we were literally running from cows! Have you ever been chased by a cow? I highly recommend you experience it at least once in your lifetime.

Brooke and Thomas initially met through mutual friends at an Ohio State University party. They talked for hours at the party, but nothing really became of it. Two years later, they ran into each other at an OSU spring game. They exchanged numbers and the rest is history!

Let’s talk about the proposal. Brooke had put a little party together for Thomas to celebrate his graduation from the police academy and all his accomplishments with close friends and family. Little did Brooke know that Thomas was secretly going to seize the opportunity to propose. As you can imagine, she was shocked I’d say that was a perfect surprise for Brooke!

Towards the end of Brooke and Thomas’s engagement pictures we started a little bonfire for them to cuddle up, stay warm, and roast some marshmallows. Thomas had a difficult time keeping his marshmallow on his stick. It got a little too heavy and it fell in the fire so Brooke fed him hers. How sweet, huh?

As a couple, Brooke and Thomas love to hang out with friends and family. They enjoy sitting together by the fire, chilling with their yellow lab Cooper, and attending concerts and sporting events. I love how gentle this couple is with each other. You can clearly see in these pictures how much love exists between them. With so much love in their relationship, it is clear to me that Brooke and Thomas are destined for a beautiful life together.

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columbus ohio farm engagement couple looking at each other
columbus ohio farm engagement couple kissing
engaged couple on fence at columbus ohio farm
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engaged couple snuggling at ohio farm
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engaged couple kissing at columbus ohio farm
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engaged couple cuddling by bonfire at farm
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engaged couple roasting marshmallows at columbus farm
engaged couple laughing and roasting marshmallows at columbus ohio farm
engaged couple eating marshmallows at columbus ohio farm
engaged couple feeding each other marshmallows

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  • Melissa Klein

    on   12:13 PM

    Fantastic photos, and what an awesome location! Congrats to the happy couple. :)

  • Linda Mann

    on   11:13 AM

    Awww that is too sweet! I kind of love that he lost his marshmellow, hahaha

  • Ryan

    on   11:18 AM

    What an awesome engagement session.

  • Mike

    on   11:38 AM

    Love these! Beautiful location, fun couple, and of course the best time of year!

  • Alyson

    on   12:07 PM

    This looks like fun! I especially enjoyed your detail shots, the cow that must've followed you around and the marshmallow debacle.

  • Nicole Manan

    on   12:51 PM

    So beautiful , they look perfect for each other and I love how much fun they had !

  • Katelyn

    on   1:27 PM

    Really cute photos! They look so happy :)

  • Denise

    on   8:09 PM

    Such a fun session with smores!!! Beautiful engagement work. These make me long for cooler weather.

  • Allison Anderson

    on   1:59 AM

    Can all engagement sessions in Columbus Ohio be done at a farm? Cause of cows and smores! I love this session. Such a laid back and fun session.