Dock 580 Wedding Columbus, Ohio | Kat and Dan

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Dock 580 Wedding

Kathleen and Dan

These two are just about the cutest and funniest people you’ll ever meet if you’re lucky enough to come across their paths. So funny that Dan actually proposed to Kathleen on April Fool’s Day. He initially pulled a prank with an empty ring box and they both giggled about it and continued with their evening at home. Then Dan pranked Kathleen once again but this time he just used the prank to get her near the actual ring box and he nonchalantly asked Kathleen what she had planned for the rest of her life, Kathleen was so shocked that she didn’t even respond with a “YES!”. She first told Dan that he knew she couldn’t cook! Then a yes to the proposal came shortly after.

These two love to go to festivals around the Columbus area in the summer and fall. Their favorites are The Circleville Pumpkin Show and The Dublin Irish Festival. Dan was a Marine and is now a firefighter so naturally LOVES to cook. Kathleen is adventurous and loves doing mud runs like The Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder. She’s a huge Christmas and Halloween buff and loves to overdo it when it comes to decorating for the holidays.

What Kathleen says about her favorite moments of her wedding day:

“Oh goodness, the day is such a blur.  Went by way too fast.  I guess the first special moment was the “first look, don’t look” around the door moment.  It was the first time in the day when time literally stood still and we had a private moment just to touch hands and say “you ready for this??”  I needed that few moments to calm down as I was so nervous – not about the ceremony but about being in front of all of those people, something I’m not great at!  Second, I would say walking down the aisle.  How cliche, right?  I think it was the moment I stopped caring about tripping or stumbling, and locked eyes with Dan and didn’t have another thought in my head other than “I cannot wait to marry this man!”  Lastly, and this is so true not just because I’m responding to you, is when we were doing photos at the fire union building and we didn’t know where Dan went for a minute…I said, “What kind of bride am I when I don’t know where my fiance is??” You then looked at me and said, “Kat, he’s your HUSBAND!” And we started to laugh.  It was just one of those moments that I thought was so special…and silly 🙂
 Another moment that sticks out is when we were exchanging rings and I was shaking so much that I couldn’t get Dan’s ring on – we both giggled and he assisted me in getting that darn thing on!  And of course, who could forget the first kiss??  I didn’t know until we got our photos back but there’s a moment during that kiss that Dan raised a leg – because that’s my goofy Dan.

Kathleen’s one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding:

REMEMBER the big picture!  So much goes into wedding planning that it is sometimes so easy to get stressed out of minor things…towards the end of planning I realized that if something wasn’t perfect, we will still be married.  What if my dress gets dirty?  We’ll still be married.  What if a bridesmaid falls down during the ceremony?  We’ll still be married.  What if no one shows up to the ceremony?  We’ll still be married.  I watched a lot of “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes leading up to our wedding and it seemed to me that a lot of brides were so focused on the dress, they talked more about that than their future husband or love for each other. I guess what I’m saying (and I told this to one of my bridesmaids that just got married a couple of months ago – I was a bridesmaid for her and the caterer cancelled in the morning, it was an outdoor wedding with the forecast calling for rain all day, etc.) is don’t sweat the small stuff – a wedding is one day.  Maybe the most important day of your life, but things will go wrong no matter how much you plan/stress.  The outcome is marriage, and no matter what goes wrong, you’ll always have that.
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Venue- Dock 580
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