Wheeling West Virginia Engagement | Sandy and Daniel

This Wheeling West Virginia Engagement is one for the books! When Sandy & I met, we hit it off! I was so excited to be working with her and couldn’t wait to meet her fiancé.  Sandy & Daniel are both from West Virginia so it was without a doubt that we do their engagement photos in their neck of the woods.

Meet Sandy and Daniel

I like to call them Sandy & Danny. Ya know just like the movie Grease. Sandy definitely fits the whole Olivia Newton John character too. “She looks too pure to be pink!”—Rizzo. But once you loosen her up a little with some photos and kisses from Daniel she sure knows how to have some fun. I know Sandy knows excatly what I’m talking about too! 😉

How They Met

 Sandy’s best friend was dating Daniel’s best friend and they thought they would be just perfect for each other.  So they met on a blind date and hit it off! I guess their friends were right. Nobody knows you better than your best friends.
Daniel proposed on Christmas when Sandy least expected it. She supposedly had another gift in our new shed he just built.  But when Daniel had her look up on the porch, their initials were burnt into the wood and he was on one knee <3 she couldn’t believe it!
When they aren’t just chilling like all couples do they tend to be more on the adventurous side. They love to go boating and own their own boat. We even took some photos down at their boating dock. When they aren’t boating they go kayaking, biking,  and go on riding adventures on ATV’s.
We initially started their session at Grand Vue Park (Sandy and Daniel’s wedding venue) then headed over to the West Virginia State Penitentiary where we were able to include some of West Virginia’s history with the awesome castle looking stone structure. We ended down at their boat dock on the Ohio River with the most amazing sunset.

bride to be at grand vue park wheeling west virginia groom to be at Grand Vue Park wheeling west virginia

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