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columbus wedding photographer packaging

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A new look

For the past couple of years I have switched my wedding packaging for delivering my clients images and/or their usb on and off. I had yet to find something that I felt resembled me, my brand and my style. I FINALLY found the perfect match and I am in LOVE!

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer packaging Kraft & Jute Pro DPI

wide photo of gold key usb

close up of pro dpi deep matte prints

The prints

I had heard about these prints from fellow photographers around the country in an online forum and everyone just raved about them. So I figured I’d give them a try. They are deep matte finish with linen texture. At first I wasn’t overly excited about them but I have come to realize that it’s because I was in a rush and didn’t actually look at them and feel them. They are soft to touch with a smooth finish and are beautiful. These gorgeous prints have made me super happy & I’m so glad I made the switch of labs. I love them and I’m sure my clients are going to as well. I couldn’t be any more happier with them. Further below you’ll see what fifty 5×7 images look like stacked, so keep going 😉

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer showcases new prints by pro dpi

usb linen puches

side view of pro dpi deep matte prints

close up of deep matte prints

columbus ohio wedding photographer showing usb and pouch

Thank you

Each wedding client gets a nice little hand-written thank you note from me about them & their perfect day. I love writing personalized letters thanking them for choosing me to be a part of their day and even remind them of a beautiful or funny moment.

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer packaging thank you note

wide photo of columbus ohio wedding photographers packaging

close up of thank you card to clients

Linen Pouches

The linen pouches are for prints and a usb. The print pouch can fit up to fifty 5×7 prints (they also offer other size options). The usb pouch fit my key usb perfectly. Each pouch comes with delicate lace ribbon that you can tie your products in with. Once you open the pouches the lace lining is absolutely gorgeous. Both pouches were purchased through Kraft & Jute.

kraft and jute linen and lace pouches

linen packaging by Kraft & Jute

columbus ohio wedding photographer packaging with deep matte prints

Pro DPI deep matte prints with white border

close up photo of Pro DPI bordered deep matte prints

print packaging by kraft & jute

close up of lace print pouch

deep matte prints on sequin background

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer usb and print pouches

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