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Bryn Du Mansion Engagement

Katie and Jon

Be prepared to get swept away with this fun and gorgeous engagement session at Bryn Du Mansion located in Granville, Ohio. Katie & Jon’s story is pretty unique & I LOVE it!! Jon & Katie initially met through friends at a watering hole. Yeah I know, people always think down on meeting people in a bar BUT their situation is a little different because it was a blind date set up by their friends. And besides who doesn’t like to kick back with their friends and have an ice cold beverage every once in awhile 😉

Jon was living in Florida at the time they met and he was visiting Columbus, Ohio and mutual friends thought him & Katie would be a perfect match. When they met Jon offered Katie a drink which had whiskey in it. Katie hesitated at first but then Jon told her it was called a Tony Danza. Who doesn’t love Tony Danza right?! Turns out it wasn’t too bad. After their initial meeting Jon had tried to arrange to meet back up with Katie before heading back home but it just wasn’t in the cards with their schedules. A few days later, Katie woke up and tuned into GMA aka Good Morning America and the special guest of the day was…….wait for it…….

TONY DANZA! Like seriously get out of town?!! This was a sign and she saw it clear as day. Needless to say they went out, started a long distance relationship, she moved to be with him and now they’re planning they’re wedding.

Can’t wait to capture your day Katie & Jon and figure out “Who’s the boss” 🙂


engaged couple walking at Bryn Du Mansion bride to be leading groom on walk engaged couple with foreheads together black and white photo of groom kissing brides forehead engaged couple snuggling at Bryn Du Mansion black and white photo of engaged couple sitting together close up of engagement ring at Bryn Du Mansion engaged couple in front of small building engaged couple sitting and laughing at Bryn Du Mansion engaged couple kissing while laughing at Bryn Du Mansion engaged couple sitting on steps groom to be hugging fiance at Bryn Du Mansion couple hugging and wearing red buffalo check engaged couple hugging and smiling engaged couple doing piggyback rides at Bryn Du Mansion engaged couples head shots groom to be looking at fiance smiling at Bryn Du Mansion couples legs standing in a door way bride to be smiling at her fiance at Bryn Du Mansion

I am looking forward to getting to do things I have never done before.

~Tony Danza


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