Columbus Ohio Photography // Helen + James Engaged

Columbus Ohio Photography

Helen + James Engaged

From the moment I met Helen & James, I knew we were a perfect match. They sure know how to have fun & we had an absolute blast at their engagement session in Columbus, Ohio. They shared Jeni’s ice cream, hugs, kisses & piggy back rides. They even danced a little in the middle of Goodale Park, ohhhh & I forgot to mention, they had their photo with Mona Lisa! 😉  I couldn’t be more elated to photograph their happy day this weekend!IMG_5039P IMG_5018 IMG_5011 IMG_4922 IMG_4925 helenblog1 IMG_4778 helenblog IMG_4797 IMG_4821 helenblog2 IMG_4839 helenblog3 IMG_4852 helenblog4 IMG_4860 IMG_4884 IMG_4878 helenblog6 helenblog5 IMG_4935 helenblog8 helenblog7 IMG_4999 IMG_5001 helenblog10 IMG_5065 helenblog11 helenblog9 IMG_5071 IMG_5100 IMG_5183 IMG_5106 IMG_5182 IMG_5124 IMG_5132 IMG_5146 IMG_5143 IMG_5139 IMG_5164-blog and they probably thought I wouldn’t blog the one on the right….yeah right!@! These two couldn’t be more funny & spending an entire day with them, I’m sure my face will be tired from all the laughs we’re going to have 🙂helenblog12

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  • Brittany Lauren

    on   12:16 PM

    What a fun couple! I absolutely love the ice cream photos. So nostalgic and romantic!

  • Ashley

    on   12:57 PM

    What a sweet couple! I love everything about this engagement session!

  • Larianne

    on   2:56 PM

    Wow. What a perfect session! Love the formality of the first outfit, the use of the ice cream shop, and then the fun photos at the end. I'm about to go crazy with Pinterest hahaha.

  • Melissa

    on   4:41 PM

    beautiful engagement session - you found such awesome wall art too!

  • Cheryl Bailey

    on   7:00 PM

    Wow! I love the detail and texture in these pictures. What great work!

  • Anna

    on   12:29 AM

    These are so incredibly gorgeous - what a beautiful session!

  • Eden

    on   12:49 AM

    What a fun and casual session! Love!

  • Alina Thomas

    on   1:53 AM

    I absolutely love this session. They make an adorable couple! Can't wait to see their wedding pictures.

  • Tosha

    on   8:06 AM

    Wow, beautiful session! She is stunning!!! Love your style too!

  • Edward

    on   3:11 PM

    Very fun couple... Way to capture the moment, beautiful light.

  • Fotogrupa

    on   10:46 AM

    I can clearly see intimacy between them. Love is everywhere around. Well done :)